About Us

As a smeup corporate vehicle, s2capital is committed to investing in innovative startups and SMEs, acting according to the logic used by a corporate venture capital fund. The vehicle’s objective is to invest in startups used to focus their business on the dissemination of technological innovation in the real economic system, with a special eye on the B2B segment. s2capital also provides startups with the skills and industrial relations built up by smeup in over 30 years of activity.

The strength of a corporate
identity made up of people.

Companies that are part of our group can provide a varied offering to meet customer needs both from an application and infrastructural standpoint, as well as in terms of cloud and IT security. “We have experienced a “”physiological”” growth that has remained constant over the years, both within the company and as a result of trageted M&A transactions performed in both areas.
But one thing for sure has remained constant:

smeup’s added value, i.e. the most important asset to us,
is shaped by the people who are part of it.

That’s why smeup’s ownership lies entirely with the shareholders who work within the company on a daily basis.