Our Approach to Startups

Our partnership with startups enables us to make things happen by turning smeup’s vision into reality with a focus on the pooling of intelligence to enhance both know-how and typical processes of business companies, along with those of their people, by taking advantage of the potential of new technologies.

smeup can provide startups with multi-faceted support determined by a number of features characterizing a company that has grown in the market over its 30-year history:

■ size of the markets which smeup targets
■ depth of the solutions provided
■ a large number of projects dealt with by using a heterogeneous approach which turns out to be suitable for customers of different backgrounds

This is why smeup can identify technological synergies between what a startup develops or requires and the solutions already developed or being developed by its customers.

Features of a target startup

■ What we are on the lookout for: B2B early-stage startups with XaaS businesses based on ground-breaking technologies (for example: IoT, AI/ML, Blockchain, 5G, Cryptography, Augmented Reality, 3D Printing, Robotics, Metaverse, etc.) with active target customers in traditional business areas

■ Who we invest in: founders dedicated 24×7 to the business project

■ On which target market: startups with registered office in Italy and/or projects developed throughout the Italian peninsula

■ At what stage of development: startups that have developed the MVP with a challenging but realistic business plan/pitch in mind

■ How much we invest: initial investment up to € 200,000

Smeup interacts with

startups in different ways:

Investment in early-stage startups
Commercial partnership (e.g. integration of startup software solutions into proprietary applications).
Support activities for startups that would ensure access to a network consisting of 50+ developers and 200+ application consultants.

Investment process

To determine the type of investment, S2capital decision-makers go through the following steps:
■ Sharing of pitch/business plans

■ Analysis and validation of the application by s2capital Technical and Financial Committees

■ Interview with a representative of the s2capital Technical Committee

■ Start of the investment process