■ Area: Transport & Logistics
■ Established in: 2020
■ Head Office: Milan, Italy

Cargoful is the digital partner of road haulage companies that aim at innovating and optimizing their own processes.
We see it as our mission to support logistics realities by also providing an artificial intelligence-based, easy and ready-to-use technology, able to bring all-round and comprehensive value and efficiency: from planning processes to performance on the job.

The core values that have shaped our business since the company’s birth are: excellence, partnership, sustainability and a will to grow. We strongly believe that it is possible to enhance this business area in such a way as to create a logistics ecosystem and make transport sustainable, both for the environment and for people who work there.
To date, Cargoful serves companies involved in long-distance transport (FTL, LTL and groupage) and is expanding its offer to bring technology to the last mile, urban deliveries and field services sector as well.
■ Area: cross industry
■ Established in: 2021
■ Head Office: Parma, Italy

Natural language processing and document management solution with specialization in AI

E-Plato is specialized in natural language processing, and through the use of machine learning, the company offers a suite of proprietary products used as add-ons on document management platforms. Through artificial intelligence, the startup is able to overcome the problem of lack of structure in data present in textual form (documents, e-mails, and reports, etc.) by offering solutions for organizing and classifying them, as well as a semantic search engine for the information contained in the data.

The offering consists of two products: “Socrate” is a Google-like semantic search engine, but if Google finds information on the public web, Socrate searches within the company’s knowledge base, allowing users to search for information using natural language; “Aristotele” is a classifier of textual data that a company receives every day, such as documents, e-mails and/or reports.

Depending on the amount of data present, E-Plato saves its customers from 50 to 150 hours per month in organizing and searching textual data, while also allowing more effective management and shareability of their knowledge base.

■ Area: EdTech
■ Established in: 2021
■ Head Office: Padua, Italy

We believe that everyone’s knowledge is so important that it deserves to be shared with the world. That’s why we created Taylora, a platform for knowledge sharing where anyone can gather and create educational resources, teach, and sell their courses – all in one place.

For those who wish to share their knowledge, Taylora allows you to:

  • Gather educational materials such as PDFs, videos, images, audio, and even links.
  • Create new content such as quizzes, tests, surveys, and organize events like webinars, lectures, coaching sessions, and combine them with educational materials to create courses and learning paths.
  • Share individual content or courses with a simple link or through an email invitation to students, colleagues, and friends.
  • Sell courses, events, and content and receive payments easily and quickly, without any technical skills.

For those who wish to learn, Taylora enables you to:

  • Collect study materials such as presentations, handouts, videos, images, and links for easy reference.
  • Take courses and educational paths, participate in online or in-person training events, and schedule coaching sessions.
  • Share study materials with friends and colleagues and invite them to join valuable educational initiatives.
  • Choose and purchase courses and training initiatives to enhance your cultural and professional knowledge.